Anthony Padilla – Wildfire


Oil on linen
14×11″, 2019





My name is Anthony Z Padilla I am 32 and currently I live in Brooklyn NY but originally I’m from Dallas TX. I moved to NYC because I have a love for the city and all that it has to offer. Specifically I love art scene in New York, there never seems to be a shortage of exhibits and gallery openings to see. I also find it a lot easier to showcase my work and to be involved with projects with other artists. Before I moved to NYC my work was very geometrical and abstract but oddly enough after I moved here I began to focus all of my work on nature, flowers and dramatic jungle scenes. I attribute that to my love for the outdoors and the beauty that nature offers that I might be missing while living in such a big city. I have never had any formal training for the arts beyond high school, it just seems that I have always found myself drawing or painting since I was a child. More recently in the last six years or so I have focused all of my attention and time in the practice of oil paintings. I find that with the use of oils I can blend all of my colors almost seamlessly to get the desired effect of real life with a slight surrealist tone. With all of my paintings I want the viewer to be reminded of the beauty of our natural world and how extraordinarily lucky we are to be a part of it.