Ariel Shea – Waterfall


India ink on paper
11 3/4×16 1/2″, 2019





Ariel Shea is a visual artist living in Montreal, Quebec. She is a self-taught painter, using oil paint on a variety of medias such as canvas, raw silk and paper. Practicing for six years, she has dedicated much of that time to defining her style, which can be described as a bold, abstract expressionist evocation of landscapes, natural forms, and the nude figure. Ariel is currently working on a new body of work which incorporates her current style of abstracted landscapes – while experimenting with ideas surrounding the individual’s place within a given landscape, as well as the impact landscapes hold on the individual. Recently, she has taken to working with paper – developing her thoughts and colour pallets through smaller scale paintings. This has become an essential part of her practice, which has not only brought about a whole new body of work, but also an appreciation for paper and a media. She has shown in several galleries and small pop ups across Montreal, as well as her first international show in Italy last winter. She paints in her home studio, where she feels she can develop a deeper level of intimacy and understanding of her work.