Dan Brenton – A Presence Detected


Watercolour on paper
9×12”, 2019






Dan Brenton was born and raised outside the city of Boston, Massachusetts. He spent his childhood playing in the streets of his quiet suburban neighbourhood and along the shores of Cape Ann near his family’s beach house. Dan graduated from Salem State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in printmaking. Years after art school, Dan shook up the sediment that settled in his life by taking a 7 month long bicycle ride across the United States and down the West coast. Once back home, Dan began painting for the first time, creating artwork inspired by his days in the hot sun and cold rain, nights under the stars, and all the time he spent riding into the unknown on the seat of his bike.

In my paintings you’ll always find a sense of space to get lost in and a couple wanderers that will entice you to join them on their journey into the brilliance of nature. They roam across the land where they experience a presence that seems to share a universal pulse with them, posing the question, do we experience the environment from the outside looking in, or are we innately part of this infinite system? As they travel further and further the truth becomes clear: something that once seemed separate from us has always been deeply connected.