Daniel Ferstl – Never been a quitter


Pencil on paper
21×29.7cm, 2018






Daniel Ferstl is a painter working primarily with textiles. His paintings combine vintage fabrics with treated cloths whose patterns are stitched together creating a web of colorful patchworks. Ferstl often integrates his elaborated surfaces with wool yarns generating drawings or witty statements taken from pop culture and movies. Letters becomes patterns whose flat messages aquire rather surreal or humorous qualities, camouflaging within colours and geometrical shapes. His drawings can be read as a diary and filter, often serving as a stepladder for larger works to come.

Daniel Ferstl (b.1982, Linz) studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and up until 2016, ran the artist-run space: MAUVE in Vienna. Recent shows include: Austrian Cultural Forum, London; Frappant, Hamburg; Justice, Vienna; Belmacz, London; Salon Goldschlag, Vienna; Drop City, Newcastle; Zeller van Almsick, Vienna; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna. In both 2015 and 2016 he was shortlisted for the Strabag Art Award. He lives and works in Vienna.