Erica Podwoiski – Untitled (How to Make a Bonsai Blue)


Ink, pencil and salt on paper
11×15”, 2020





Erica Podwoiski (b. 1988) is a visual artist whose work revolves around sex, desire, and the erotic experience. Drawing from personal photographs and video stills of intimate encounters, she creates paintings and drawings that embrace both the abject and sensual aspects of the body. In her work, beauty is a source of fascination and an ideal to be questioned, exaggerated, and defiled. Through painting, Podwoiski blurs the boundaries between self and other, active and passive, subject and object. By asserting ownership of her body within her images, she aims to open up conversations around the representation of women and sexuality in contemporary American culture. The figures in Podwoiski’s art leer back at the viewer, seek pleasure without shame, and rage against the demure.

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Erica received her BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2010 and her MFA from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2017. She has exhibited at the Gallery of Contemporary Art (GOCA) in Colorado Springs, with the pop-up art truck Hey Hue, and in the Got It For Cheap (GIFC) international traveling art show. Erica has taught figure drawing and painting at CU Boulder and in a variety of nontraditional settings. She currently lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. Her turn-ons include big hands, a well-trained bonsai, Polish Cold War-era movie posters, hearts of palm, big cats, pierogi, mid-century tchotchkes, grottoes, moss, and the iliac crest. Her main turn-offs are truffle oil and mansplaining.