Fuko Ito – Marble Gardens III


Graphite and coloured pencil on paper
18x23cm, 2019






Fuko Ito was born and raised in Kobe, Japan where she grew her love for storytelling through reading books and comics. She moved to the US to study printmaking and drawing and currently resides and works in Lexington, KY as an artist and educator.

Plush is a texture that is both soft yet firm — it is able to absorb trauma and mend itself back into shape. Ito imagines our hearts and emotional capacities to have the same visceral effect of being bruised and healed like plush. In her drawings, she portrays naked, vulnerable creatures called fumblys in its plushy ecosystem. Humans and their material belongings collapsed after the “Apocalypse of Intolerance” in which those who denied kindness and compassion to others destroyed human-kind. These plushy naked creatures began sprouting from the human remains of those who cared for the well-being of themselves and others. fumblys fill their infinite ecosystem with plush to save themselves from the collapse, fall, and heartache they experience from living among themselves. Through drawing and storytelling, Ito hopes to take her readers onto a plushy, heartfelt journey to an imagined, soft alternate universe. The plushy world of fumblys is not a vision of a hopeless romantic but is a world of soft, affectionate sensations that exists in protest to the oftentimes unforgiving social structures we live in.