Harry Hurlock – BIG O R POT PAINTING


Acrylic on paper
59x84cm, 2019






Harry Hurlock lives and works in Glasgow and is currently studying on the MFA at Glasgow School of Art. He graduated BA in Fine Art Painting from Camberwell College of Art in 2014. Recent shows include two solo shows in 2017 (Marie Blythe Gallery, London and Doomed Gallery, London) and group shows: Like the green fig tree (M I L K x Workplace, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, January 2017), Da Thirst x Baltic 39: Dawn of Justice, Baltic 39, Baltic Contemporary, Newcastle.

Hurlock’s work uses quickly painted semi-photographic formations of image to discuss the proliferation and media consumption. Specifically, the tactile and mass-produced elements of media, and its obsession with the repetition of, and subsequent desensitisation to, ‘Horror’ and ‘Terror’. The presentation of image through mass-media has unrivalled ability to influence public opinion; be it through presentation of facts, or reinforcing fiction. In his work he discusses the impact of the visual image as presented by the artist; questioning its inherent value, reach and purpose. Visual thematic repetition of Horror and Terror serves as a contemplation of the over-saturation of the horrific and the terrible, inherent within the ‘tabloidification’ of world events.