Jared Freschman – You Lost Me, I Lost Time


Colored pencil & gouache on bristol board
10×9.5″, 2020






Jared Freschman (b. 1996) is a Brooklyn based artist originally born in Delaware. Growing up in a religious Jewish family, Freschman struggled with expressing himself as a queer individual as he had to constantly grapple with his community’s traditional values. His family has a strong allegiance to the Jewish culture since his grandfather is one of the last living Holocaust survivors. He studied at a Jewish day school as a kid and was intrigued by ancient Middle Eastern artwork, specifically hieroglyphics. Throughout his life, he has used his work as a “getaway” from his stressful reality. Eventually, Freschman left Delaware to study Fine Art, Illustration and Design at Pratt Institute. Within his first year of his studies, Freschman lost his father to Pancreatic Cancer. Unsure if he should continue his time in NYC, he decided to stay and focus on his artistic practice as he felt a surge of creativity during his time of grieving. While at art school, Freschman also studied abroad in Jerusalem, Israel at Bezalel School of Art and Design. He describes his experience of living in Jerusalem as a pivotal moment for his art as he was inspired by the collision of his Jewish Culture and his queer identity. Abroad, he was involved in the underground queer scene in Jerusalem, while also touring religious and historic sites around Israel and Jordan. Arriving back in the United States, Freschman dealt with a lot of trauma from his time abroad, which influenced him to find healing in practices such as Buddhism. He currently shows work around NYC, along with galleries around the world.