Øivin Horvei – Fortune Cookie


Watercolour on paper
7×10″, 2020






Øivin Horvei is a self-taught painter currently based in Oslo. He works with all materials with a nod to everyday aesthetics and contemporary sensibility to create larger poignant reflections on human conditions and doings. His often surreal paintings evoke the sometimes joyful and at other times melancholic spirit of mankind. He has labeled his latest work consurrealism, using discarded clippings of consumerism to create abstract surrealistic images.

In addition to mixed media works on paper and canvas, Horvei’s work includes, photos, videos, installations and motorized sculptures together with large scale commissioned pieces and publications, which help to build more complete images of his strange and wonderful visions of life. His work has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times and Juxtapoz Magazine.