Roxanne Thibault – The Walk Was Fun


Oil on paper
11×14″, 2020





Roxanne Thibault is a visual artist who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University (2018). She lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

Roxanne is interested in the expressive and narrative possibilities specific to abstraction. In her work, she uses primarily a process of automatic painting. The accumulation of lines, marks and shapes are painted in a search for responses: visual stimulus, fruitful abstractions, and narratives to be found. The gestures in movement create lively pictorial spaces, recording trajectories of the hand and the mind. In both expressionistic and ordered compositions, we have access to a large array of emotions, visual styles and perceptive experiences. In her paintings, she welcomes the emotional and the psychological, as well as the dreamy, beautiful and the everyday banal with semi-representational elements of nature and objects floating in space.