Sonia Gavrilovic Hufton – the rhythms of wine making not wars


Paper, felt-tip pen, ribbon and card
16.5x19cm, 2020





Sonia Gavrilovic Hufton makes wall pieces and smaller works that sit somewhere amongst drawing, sculpture, collage and installation. Mapping out landscapes that are occupied by assemblages of paper cut outs, blu-tack, jewellery and other materials that have been found or held on to. These works appear to be full of meaning and memory but in a way that is wholly ambiguous. While the constructions and their materials seem to be personal to the artist, Hufton avoids simple biography or pushing herself to the forefront. Instead, this personal connection is wrapped up tightly with aesthetic considerations, resulting in balanced and delicately-handled compositions. Hufton is based in Glasgow and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014.