Adam Linn – Assumption


Coloured pencil on paper mounted panel
9x12x7/8″, 2021





Adam Linn (b. 1995) is an artist based in Pittsburgh working in drawing and print media. He received his BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 and then returned home to continue his practice. His work explores a seductive landscape of anthropomorphism and the deepest humanity it possesses. Linn focuses primarily on a feline character that takes the role of his avatar in engaging with themes of isolation, technology, internalized homophobia and the absurd. Influences such as early 2000s video games, early morning cartoons and disney villains shaped the way Linn discovered his sexuality, and these conceptual and aesthetic elements currently seep into the work. Figures tackle the banal with a cartooned and sinister humor that giggles in the face of the unfabulous. The feline character embraces a harmonious coexistence between the feminine and the masculine by blurring the distinctions between genders. It also represents the reclamation of the term “pussy” as is used so frequently in homophobic language. Drawing allows for slow build up of layer and texture, allowing Linn to externalize imagined scenes in a vividity that convinces relatability and fondness. These works serve as an homage to the perverse truths that hide in the underbelly of the cartoon world.